Straightforward, authentic people support


not your typical hr

At BLACKLARKE we believe in a straightforward, practical and empathic approach to people management.

With almost two decades of experience, we bring wisdom and pragmatism to the table, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective, but resonate with the human element of the business.

We work to three business principles that guide everything we do:

  • Keep it simple
  • Be pragmatic
  • People before process

Agile HR consultancy services


We specialise in providing comprehensive HR consultancy services tailored to the unique needs of businesses of all sizes across various sectors. From strategic advice on employer offering, culture and mission, to hands-on support with talent, succession, and performance management, our expertise spans the full spectrum of HR challenges.

Our UK-based team, with capabilities to support international companies, also offers bespoke solutions in change management, organisation design and all HR aspects of mergers, acquisitions & divestments.

Advice and support for businesses of all sizes

What we offer

Strategic people and talent support >

We specialise in creating compelling employer offerings, fostering inclusive cultures and making sure businesses have the right people strategy to meet their organisational goals. Our comprehensive solutions cover talent management, succession planning, team building, inclusion and employee relations management.

Mergers, acquisitions & divestments >

We work on all people aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments, including due diligence, cultural alignment and strategic restructuring, ensuring seamless transitions and maximising post-transaction success.

Organisation design >

From organisation sizing and job evaluations to talent mapping and change programme management, we provide tailored solutions to align your workforce with your strategic objectives and drive sustainable growth.

Strategic HR consultancy across sectors

Sectors we cover

Industry >

We have successfully navigated change projects in oil and gas, waste management and the nuclear industry. Our expertise extends to managing HR aspects during asset sales, such as overseeing the transition of ownership of one of Europe's largest oil refineries. We excel in heavily unionised environments, ensuring smooth transitions and positive outcomes. 

Law >

We have spearheaded global restructures in the professional services sector. Our experience includes managing change, communications and employee relations, navigating the complexity of partner owned organisations where diverse opinions abound. We are adept at finding common ground and driving consensus in challenging and opinionated environments to achieve successful outcomes. 

Tech >

We have supported some of the most innovative technologists and product designers globally. Our focus is on developing skills and attracting top talent to teams, especially in competitive landscapes where staying ahead is crucial. We excel in creating environments that foster growth, innovation and excellence. 

Leisure >

We have enhanced customer experiences in both the digital and retail leisure sectors. Our expertise lies in designing talent programmes, performance & reward structures and engagement initiatives that cultivate inclusive and positive cultures, whilst remaining conscious of costs.

Finance >

We have successfully created flexible and common-sense cultures in highly regulated environments. Our approach involves shaking up traditional practices to drive innovation, efficiency and compliance. We specialise in transforming rigid structures into dynamic and adaptable cultures that thrive in the face of regulatory challenges. 

What Our Clients Say



“BLACKLARKE completed a high calibre piece of organisational design work. They landed extremely well with us both technically and behaviourally. Benjamin comes highly recommended and shows a deep understanding of HR and what good practice should look like.”

Client at Global Law Firm

4 stars

“Working with Benjamin was the first time I felt a true partnership working with HR. I’m not always the easiest character to deal with but Benjamin never wavered from being an excellent partner. I’d work with Benjamin again in a heartbeat if I could.”

Business Services Director, FTSE50 Technology Company


“Benjamin built an excellent reputation, focussing on partnering closely with the business and providing commercially strong decisions. I would strongly recommend Benjamin as a highly competent and approachable HR partner.”

HR Director, Global Engineering Organisation


“Benjamin is not only capable of dealing with a multitude of topics at any given time but also able to dive down to details if and when necessary. The thing that makes working under him truly rewarding is that he can transfer his enthusiasm to his team and stakeholders. He is a very outgoing person and a good listener who keeps always business focus and highest standards delivery in mind.”

Customer Services Director, Global Entertainment Company

4 stars

“Benjamin is very personable and a great communicator which is key when dealing with sensitive situations. We worked side by side on strategic projects where long-term vision was required and also on daily operational challenges. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Benjamin.”

Product Director, FTSE50 Technology Company


“Benjamin is very personable and a great communicator which is key when dealing with sensitive situations. We worked side by side on strategic projects where long-term vision was required and also on daily operational challenges. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Benjamin.”

Product Director, Global Online Entertainment Company


“BLACKLARKE provided extremely professional HR advice and support through a challenging period for my business. Integrating well with an established management team, they delivered structural change, operational change and ultimately a TUPE transfer of over 600 employees. Utilising their vast skills, knowledge and experience to minimise the disruption to staff and the business through a challenging time line. I would recommend Benjamin and BLACKLARKE to businesses requiring clear and focused HR support whilst delivering change programmes to clear timelines.”

General Manager, National Recycling Company


“Benjamin is a fantastic senior HR operator who is able to deal with challenging and complex global HR issues. His approach to work carries a lot of enthusiasm and a high degree of skill and this makes him successful in each project he takes up. He stands out as a subject matter expert and brings his knowledge to bear to support the business. I relied heavily on the support he gave my team and his attention to detail and energy were very much appreciated and key in achieving the success we have delivered this year. The environment he had to operate in was challenging and his resilience and drive to deliver never waivered.”

Technology Director, International Leisure Organisation

4 stars

“Benjamin has an analytical and intelligent approach to HR and wider global oil company issues, while remaining extremely empathetic and able to interact and establish collaborative relationships with people at all levels of an organisation. He works quickly, but isn't afraid to challenge to status quo or ask pertinent questions if he does not agree with an approach. He is very much an advocate/enquirer in approach. He is also well versed in UK employment legislation and a safe pair of hands when it comes to dealing with difficult issues. He also has a great sense of humour and is easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Benjamin or work with him again.”

Senior Manager, Major UK Oil Refinery